Hyper2000 Professional 5.0

A New Dimension of the Millennium Software

© Grazyna Fosar, Franz Bludorf, Berlin 2002

Hyper2000 Professional is a program package to observe and investigate important atmospheric and consciousness-oriented processes at the beginning of the new millennium. It forms a multimedia unit together with the books of Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf:  “Vernetzte Intelligenz” ("Network Intelligence", Omega 2001) and “Zaubergesang” (“Magic chant”, Argo 2002).

In this context many people send us questions again and again. How would it be, if you could answer these questions yourself immediately? Hyper2000 Professional may help you.

If you have a weather station at home, you know it: You may get daily information about temperature, air pressure and air humidity, so you are able to provide your own weather report to some degree.

In the same way, the extensive program system, which is integrated in Hyper2000 Professional, enables you to check the relevant values which are responsible for the global changes at present.

This program is a compromise between scientific requirements and easy usage. It computes scientifically correct results, but may be used by amateurs at the same time, due to the clear and intuitive user interface.

Hyper2000 Professional is especially suitable for


  • Medicines and other therapists
  • Engineers in the fields of environmental health
  • People suffering from electric smog (amateurs too)
  • Researchers and scientists
  • All people interested in holistic enhancement of body, mind and spirit.

Hyper2000 Professional uses modern program architecture to show even complex tasks and research in a simple and intuitive manner. This way even amateurs are able to obtain scientifically correct results with only a few mouse clicks. For this, Hyper2000 professional has a clear and intuitive user interface. The concept of the enhanced central module, allowing to start different independent program modules simultaneously, allows setting of data at one time and in one place to be used by different program modules and a central management of printing.

One of the most important enhancements of Hyper2000 Professional is the ELF analyzer module, a professionally designed program, allowing the user to measure and analyze ELF waves (extremely low frequency) in a simple manner, e.g. in his personal environment.

All calculations in Hyper2000 Professional are performed in a scientific manner, without need of scientific knowledge of the user.

The different modules allow to


  • observe the geomagnetic and atmospheric changes regularly.
  • compare with your personal life rhythms.
  • perform your own research and experiments.

Most important modules of Hyper2000 Professional are:

Central modulecontains a freely programmable world timer with automatic display of local sidereal time as well as a moon phase calendar. All other modules may be started simultaneously from here.

According to latest scientific research Psi phenomena like: telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, transcommunication, remote viewing, channeling etc. occur more often between 12:00 and 14:00 local sidereal time, the maximum being at 13:47. In this period of time such effects are 3.4 times stronger than normally.

Sidereal clock of Hyper2000 Professional may be very useful for you to plan a good instance of time for meditationsreiki, other natural and spiritual healing techniques as well as for own psi experiments. Even your decisions in business may be made best in this period of time.

Time synchronisation: For many experiments, which may be accomplished with Hyper2000, accurate time measurement is necessary.  Using this function you may reset the system clock of your computer to accurate time.  For this an on-line connection to the National Institute of Standards and Technology at Boulder, Colorado, is established automatically, and the accurate time is delivered from its caesium atomic clock.

Biorhythm: The program enables you to provide a diagram with the three important biorhythm curves of any person and any instance of time. The program computes

  • curve of physical biorhythm
  • curve of psychic biorhythm
  • curve of spiritual biorhythm

Additionally the program computes daily tendencies and automatically warns of critical constellations, i.e. days, where extensive physical or spiritual efforts should be avoided.

Geomagnetic field: Diagrams of daily and long-term fluctuations of the earth's magnetic field (with prognoses up to 2005), using NASA data as well as actual measurements from the Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam.

Schumann resonance: Diagrams of the Schumann resonance frequencies since 1996. Every day actual data straight from California Earthquake Data Center.

TLR factor: Computes position of  TLR factor (local atmospheric risk factor for air traffic with still unknown influence on human consciousness) for arbitrary dates. According to latest research the factor may even influence tendencies of the worldwide stock markets.

Random number generator for own experiments - may a certain constellation of location, time and atmospheric conditions affect dice, and do these conditions enhance your psychic abilities? The program not only enables you to perform own experiments, but allows scientific statistic computations too.

Database Manager: For advanced users. Hyper2000 Database Manager is the central module for the Hyper2000 database access.  While other modules (e.g. TLR factor) accomplish quite special, user-specific database queries, here we have a feature for working in arbitrary way on your database. You may redefine or delete tables, add, change or remove values.  In addition an interface is provided here to examine and plot correlations between your database tables.

ELF Analyzer is a program for scientific analyse of acoustic recordings as well as electromagnetic field measurements in the low frequency range (up to 20 kHz).

It may be used for example to detect harmful low frequency electromagnetic waves in the personal environment, to measure the frequency range, to filter disturbing signals and to make them audible.


  • Detecting low frequency electric smog: e.g. military ELF waves ("Teddybär" frequencies), which are very often subjectively heard by people as hum signals. ELF Analyzer may convert such signals, if they are present, into acoustic signals, therefore make them objectively audible for other persons.
  • Checking the natural Schumann waves
  • Detection and measurement of all kind of low frequency electromagnetic waves.

This program is a compromise between scientific requirements and easy usage. It computes scientifically correct results, but may be used by amateurs at the same time, due to the clear and intuitive user interface. It enables the professional to set several complicated parameters, but may be used at once without such settings, since the default setting are suitable for most applications.

To use Hyper2000 Professional, you need only a normal PC with any Windows system from Windows95/98/ME up to Windows 8.

Hyper2000 Professional may be ordered via our webshop.