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08.11.2002 22:05 Age: 18 yrs
Category: Exotic technologies, unknown flying objects
By: Fosar/Bludorf

You are leaving the present now!

Did project "LITE" already receive signals from the future?


Can you imagine that mankind will get serious problems in the future, because genetic manipulations on humans affect the psyche devastatingly? That interhuman communication breaks down, as soon as too many individuals take part in it? That our descendants will have a perfectly different time calculation?


All of this are no speculations of future researchers, but first results of the research project LITE (Low Invasive time exploration), which possibly succeeded to prove signals from the future. This surprising success is to be owed to the fact that one did not stop on the utopian conception of the "time machine" or the too subjective statements of sensitives but used a third way... More