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08.11.2002 22:04 Age: 18 yrs
Category: Electromagnetic frequencies, health and environment
By: Fosar/Bludorf

Hyper2000 Professional 5.0

A new Dimension of the Millennium Software.


Hyper2000 Professional is a program package to observe and investigate important atmospheric and consciousness-oriented processes at the beginning of the new millennium. It forms a multimedia unit together with the books of Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf:  “” ("Network Intelligence") and “” (“Magic chant”).


In this context many people send us questions again and again. How would it be, if you could answer these questions yourself immediately? Hyper2000 Professional may help you.


If you have a weather station at home, you know it: You may get daily information about temperature, air pressure and air humidity, so you are able to provide your own weather report to some degree.


In the same way, the extensive program system, which is integrated in Hyper2000 Professional, enables you to check the relevant values which are responsible for the global changes at present.


This program is a compromise between scientific requirements and easy usage. It computes scientifically correct results, but may be used by amateurs at the same time, due to the clear and intuitive user interface.


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