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08.11.2002 22:05 Age: 18 yrs
Category: Earth and biosphere
By: Fosar/Bludorf

Anomalies of Gravity in Italy and Poland

About 60 km south of Rome, at the edge of the Albanian lake, an extinct volkanic crater, the Via dei Laghi runs, a highway, which connects the capital Rome as extension of the via Appia Nuova with the wine region of Frascati as well as with the pictorial sea-landscape of the Albanian mountains. Shortly after the locality Rocca di Papa in the process of this road a strange anomaly occurs. Bottles and other things roll uphill here in a weak upward gradient without additional driving power. Even heavy cars may be up-moved here in the no-load operation with switched off engine.

This phenomenon was presented for the first time in Germany by Rainer Holbe's TV programs "Unbelievable Stories" and "Fantastic Phenomena" as well as by his book "Magic, Madonnas and Miracles". He presented the phenomenon too in the talk-show of Hans Meiser titled "Unexplainable Phenomena".

So far only assumptions existed to the causes of this phenomenon. Scientists stated generally, it had to be an optical deception.

Thus we examined the case in the year 1998 during a research journey to Italy thoroughly.