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08.11.2002 22:05 Age: 17 yrs
Category: Electromagnetic frequencies, health and environment
By: Fosar/Bludorf

1000 Names for your Health

CFIDS - Chronical Fatigue and immune Dysfunction Syndrome- was in the past a disease with thousand names. However in Germany already more than one million people are concerned. While in the background extensive medical investigations go on, in order to clarify the causes, the concerned people were often left alone with their complaints, suspended wrong diagnoses or were not at all taken serious.


All attempts to classify a type of virus etc. for CFIDS failed so far. At the same time however there are more and more signs that CFIDS is not a disease in the conventional sense, no infection, but that it is a multi-causal process, for which the most different environmental factors can be the basis. Above all there are toxic and electromagnetic effects, connected with an existing arrangement with the concerned people, to which also contributes special sensitivity.


The material introduced here is to serve particularly as guideline assistance, for concerned people such as for therapists, in addition, for healthy ones, in order to successfully prevent the emergence of symptoms...