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Category: Earth and biosphere
By: Fosar/Bludorf

The TLR factor: Mysterious temporal and local patterns in aircraft crashes

Possibly a hint to a still unexplored atmospheric phenomenon?


The increasing number of aircraft crashes during the last years, at which a large number of people lost their lives, concerns us all and lets us ask for the causes for this development. Not always technical defects or human failure may be determined clearly. Especially lately there were disasters ever more frequently, where research for the causes led to ambiguous results, despite of the improved technical possibilities. This forced us to look for possible connections between these incidents. May such a connection exist at all between different events? Actually an unusual question, but our research showed a still much more surprising result: Indeed there was a number of incidents during the last two years that follow a mysterious local and temporal pattern! There seems to be a time and location dependent risk factor for the air traffic, which we provisionally called TLR factor (Temporary local Risk Factor) for lack of better explanations . More