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Anomalies of Gravity in Italy and Poland

About 60 km south of Rome, at the edge of the Albanian lake, an extinct volkanic crater, the Via dei Laghi runs, a highway, which connects the capital Rome as extension of the via Appia Nuova with the wine region of...[more]

Category: Earth and biosphere

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A complete bibliography of the authors Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf



Settle your contract with time...

...and read yourself into the unknown


The thrilling longseller by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf (in German)


Der Denver-Plan


Timetable for the New World Order  •  What might be below the Nazca lines?  •  Stone Age Cinema  •  Cosmic Neutrinos and Gamma Ray Bursts  •  Magic and Quantum Consciousness  •  Consciousness and Quantum Magic  •  How a healer heals  •  Mirrors in time •  Tesla's Dreams •  Teslas Big Bang (without „Theory“!)  •  Time Capsules, Lenin and Chocolate Bars  •  Sex in orbit  •  Danger from cosmos  •  FBI and the moon stones  •  Through the galaxy - by foot  •  The Universe discovers us [More]